Gyeon Wash & Clean Set

Gyeon Wash & Clean Set

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If you don’t know where to start when it comes to washing your car, start washing with Gyeon, and start with this kit. The Gyeon Experience Wash & Clean Kit allows you to try nine 20 milliliter samples of some of Gyeon's most popular products. Try your hand at these products before heading towards a full bottle. You can test drive all different aspects of a car wash, including tires, iron removal and more.

Q2M Bathe +
GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus is a quick an easy way to add a hydrophobic layer to your vehicle. This unique car wash shampoo can be used on cars with or without a preexisting SiO2 coating. Those with a coating will experience an increase in shine and hydrophobic properties, while those without coatings will experience self-cleaning hydrophobic properties as well. GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus is unlike any car wash formula you’ve ever used, and you’ll be amazed after every wash!

Q2M Wet Coat
GYEON WetCoat is a unique spray sealant that applies easily and leaves your vehicle with a hydrophobic layer of protection. This revolutionary formula takes only minutes to apply and leaves paint shiny and able to repel dirt and water for up to 12 weeks. GYEON WetCoat is perfect for increasing gloss and longevity on vehicles previously treated with an SiO2 coating, and for those without a coating at all, the self-cleaning effect will reduce the number of routine washes necessary!

Q2M Bathe
GYEON Q2M Bathe is a safe and effective pH-neutral car wash formula. Featuring ample lubrication and long-lasting suds, this car wash soap lifts and dissolves dirt leaving nothing behind but clean and shine! GYEON Q2M Bathe is wax, sealant, and coating safe, but it won’t leave a trace of dirt or residue behind!

Q2M Tar
GYEON Tar provides is an easy to use tar remover that quickly and gently dissolves tar from vehicle surfaces. This strong formula is powerful enough to remove tar, sap, and other stubborn contaminants, yet it’s safe enough to use on paintwork, glass, and even painted and unpainted plastics. GYEON Tar helps you decontaminate an entire vehicle in a fraction of the time that it would take to use detailing clay.

Q2M Bathe Essence
GYEON Q2M Bathe Essence is the ultra-concentrated version of the popular GYONE W2M Bathe. Known for it’s pH-neutral formula, GYEON Q2M Bathe Essence is perfect for washing coated vehicles – this car wash will quickly and easily remove all dirt, debris, and grime from your vehicle’s surface without affecting the quality of your coating!

Q2M Iron Remover
GYEON Q2M Iron Remover makes fast work of iron removal during the decontamination process. This easy to use and safe formula works hard to remove nasty ferrous particles from brake dust, rail dust, and other industrial fallout without damaging delicate automotive surfaces. GYEON Q2M Iron Remover chemically removes iron particles so they are no longer a threat to your vehicle's finish.

Q2M Restart Wash
Gyeon Q2M Restart Wash help to keep your coated vehicles looking great. Gyeon Q2M Restart Wash is a concentrated, slick shampoo made to clean contaminants from coated surfaces. Not only will it clean and decontaminate, but Gyeon Q2M Restart Wash will restore the properties of preexisting coating. The end result of Gyeon Q2M Restart Wash will a clean and slick surface. Plus, there are two easy-to-use ways to use Gyeon Q2M Restart Wash.

Q2M Bug and Grime
GYEON Bug & Grime Remover is a powerful cleaner that dissolves bugs and grime before they can cause permanent damage to paint. This easy to use spray formula is perfect for removing more than just bugs too; use it for road grime, tar, road film, and other common contaminants as well. GYEON Bug & Grime Remover is safe on your vehicle, whether it’s been treated with and SiO2 coating or not!

Q2M Foam
GYEON Q2M Foam is a high-foaming wash shampoo ideal for use in a foam gun. Yielding mountains of foam, this safe and effective formula loosens up stubborn dirt and grime so you can rinse it away. GYEON Q2M Foam is safe for use on coated and uncoated vehicles alike.

This pack contains:

1 80 ml. Q2M Bathe+
1 80 ml. Q2M Wet Coat
1 80 ml. Q2M Bathe
1 80 ml. Q2M Tar
1 80 ml. Q2M Bathe Essence
1 80 ml. Q2M Iron
1 80 ml. Q2m Restart Wash
1 80 ml. Q2M Bug and Grime
1 80 ml. Q2M Foam