Swirl Free Maintenance Wash:
Includes a swirl free hand wash using a two bucket method, premium soap, and warm, filtered air to blow dry the vehicle. Wheels are safely decontaminated and tires are dressed. Interior is also included. Prices are for members only and the vehicle can not have more than 650 miles since previous service completed at Autobella.

*Swirl Free Maintenance Wash plans are paid in either 6 month or 12 month intervals and frequency of washes.


Infinite Base Type 1 & Base Type 2 ceramic coatings are a nano-technology that chemically adheres to the surface of your vehicle. The benefits are years of protection versus months, extreme chemical and detergent resistance, increased UV protection, jaw-dropping levels of gloss and easy maintenance. Both include Gyeon’s Infinite Warranty Program.

Base Type 1 is a Fluorine Modified Polysilazanes professional-grade ceramic coating that is ideal for the person that likes to hand wash their vehicle regularly and prefers a silky smooth and warm, saturated glow to their finish. It is ideal for show cars and non-daily drivers.

Base Type 2 is a professional-grade SiO2 formula that is best suited for daily driven vehicles looking for the longest term protection that also experience wintry driving and/or rainy climates due to its resistance against water spotting.  The gloss is wet and glassy for that candy coated look.

Prices Starting at:

Small/Midsize Car:  $1749.99

Small/Midsize SUV:  $1849.99

Large SUV or Truck: $1949.99

Top Coat Type 1 if you are looking to take Base Type 1 or Base Type 2 to the next level, than Top Coat Type 1 is the answer. Add more gloss, more durability and extend the hydrophobic properties of both coatings.  $399.99



Q2 CanCoat Pro EVO is a fantastic entry level coating with a touch of Certified Detailer exclusivity. This is a true ceramic coating that adds gloss, protection and hydrophobic properties across the exterior of your vehicle.  Will last one year+ if properly maintained and an ideal product for daily drivers who want the frequency of coating their vehicle more often.

Prices Starting at:

Small/Midsize Car:  $749.99

Small/Midsize SUV: $849.99

Large SUV or Truck: $949.99



Q2 TRIM will enrich and enhance the look of plastic trim, engine bay plastics headlights and taillights. This is a high quality ceramic coating that will help prevent your plastics from fading. Prices Starting at: $299.99



Q2 RIM is a high temperature ceramic coating dedicated towards wheels and brake calipers. It is designed to protect your wheels and brakes from roodgrime, salt and brake dust to keep them looking new and easy to clean. $499.99



Q2 LEATHER SHIELD is a true SiO2 based leather ceramic coating. Protect your leather from dirt, spills, UV, oil and grime for the long term. It will not alter the look or feel of your leather. Prices Starting at: $349.99



Q2 VIEW allows for increased visibility and hydrophobics in poor weather driving. It repels both water and dirt for the long term which allows for easier cleaning too. Prices Starting at: $299.99


Protect your fabrics and textiles from spills, UV degradation
, general dirt and grime. Keep your surfaces cleaner longer and easier to clean. A great option for fabric convertible tops. Prices Starting at: $249.99

Paint Correction
Prices Starting at:
Small/Midsize Car: $799.99
Small/Midsize SUV or Truck:  $899.99
Large SUV or Truck: $999.99
Remove swirls, marring, scratches and etching in the paint. Paint correction restores your painted surfaces to a high gloss. 

Paint Protection Film (PPF)
Price Varies
Uber protection for your vehicle. Paint Protection Film by Llumar is custom fit to the areas of your vehicle and is clear so there is no optical distortion. This clear film protects against rock chips, bird droppings, sap, industrial fallout and abrasions via self healing technology. Llumar Paint Protection film comes with a 10 year warranty. 

Headlight Restoration 
This process restores the clarity of yellowed, hazy, or dull headlight lenses. Restoring cloudy headlights improves nighttime visibility and the ability of other drivers to see you. Add a ceramic coating to your headlights for an additional $99.99. 

Engine Degrease
Remove grease and grime from under the hood and on your engine. Your vehicle will run better due to the removal of any unwanted dirt that acts like a blanket which heats up your motor unnecessarily while it runs.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning 
Prices Starting at: 
Small/Midsize Car: $129.99
Small/Midsize SUV or Truck: $139.99
Large SUV or Truck: $149.99
Carpet and upholstery spot treated using non-harsh smelling chemicals followed by a 210 degree hot water extraction. Foul odors and stains vanish leaving your interior refreshed like new.  

Leather and Vinyl Repair
Price Varies 
Repair scratches, tears, stains and faded leather and vinyl to new again. Vehicle must be inspected before service to provide accurate pricing.

Ozone Odor Removal
$69.99 per Hour
Eliminate virtually any odor from mold, cigarette/cigar smoke, pet odors, previous cleaning chemicals, foods and other airborne irritants. 

Scratch Removal 
Price Varies 
Scratch would need to be inspected before any price can be determined. This is based on the severity of the scratch and the condition of the paint.

Paintless Dent Removal 
Price Varies
Get rid of those unsightly dings, dents and hail damage. A great option to avoid going to the body shop and using your insurance. Vehicle must be inspected before service to provide accurate pricing and if paintless dent removal is appropriate for your vehicle. 

Wheel Repair 
Prices starting at $249.99
Say goodbye to curb rash! Have your wheels professionally restored and made true again through modern technologies and machinery. Restore your wheel to new again without needing to replace it.    

Powder Coating Services
Price Varies 
Add some customization to your vehicle.  We can powder coat wheels, brake calipers, suspension parts, engine components and more! 

*Services scheduled by appointment only. All appointments require a non-refundable 25% deposit to reserve an appointment. No appointments will be taken until vehicle is inspected by Autobella.