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Complete Surface Protection

Developed Using World Leading Ceramic and Polymer Technology Shop Now

World Class

Treat Your Vehicle to the Best of the Best Shop Wax

Same Day Shipping

Free Shipping on Orders Over $100.00! Shop Now

IGL Coatings

Autobella is a Certified IGL Coatings Installer SHOP SERVICES

Professional Testimonials

I have been using Infinity Wax products personally for the last 4 years starting out with rapid detailer which was such an easy to use product and the results were next level.  About a year ago Michael told me about his new trade service at which point a trade account was set up. 1 year later every product now comes from infinity. The service you receive from Infinity Wax is next level. In 1 year I have watched profits increase due to the incredible dilution rate of the products.

Exile Valeting Edinburgh

Dean O'Donnell

Being a mobile valeter you can be pushed for time you really need to rely on the products being used . Previously been using autosmart products but found that with 2-3 certain products I just couldn’t get on with since switching to infinity wax I have never been happier . Every product I have used has worked first time saving money and time on the job . Communication is second to none I get a text telling me when the van will be in my area couldn’t be easier it’s also no problem to just pick up phone and get what you need ASAP top class.

Burnys Bubbles

Steven Burnside

From a professional point of view your only as good as the products you use. Infinity wax brings a high level of quality at prices that don’t break the bank, a wide range of products to suit all car care needs and a customer service that is one of the best in the industry. 

Auto Cleansing

Ryan Russell

Don’t wait another second to implement Infinity Wax products into your arsenal. After decades of Valeting and Detailing I’ve used a number of different manufacturers and suppliers, Infinity Wax provides everything and more! Their product quality is outstanding, ordering is simple and fast too. Whenever I’ve had a question relating to a product, the response has been returned timely and efficiently.

Pro Details

Tony Dance

Since starting up my business i have used many different brands and suppliers to find what is best for me and when i discovered infinity wax i was blown away. The customer service is second to none. They give you regular updates on when they will be in your area and the help and advice is also another fantastic addition. One of the best products i have used from infinity wax has got to be their citrus pre wash. Even at a low dilution ratio the cleaning power is immense. 

 Autospa Valeting & Detailing

Ryan John Gray

After using Auto Smart products for over 13 years I took the plunge with Infinity Wax and replaced all Auto Smart products.

Im so glad I did, the feed back from customers is unbelievable, products are easy to use and customer service is second to none. Highly highly highly recommended keep up the good work.

Clean Genie Group

Craig Dobbie

Since 2008 I’ve been preparing cars for shows, post work, and pre sale. Using the main suppliers to the trade, and the local shops.
When I found Infinity wax it was an innovative approach to the classic products. Everything from their Rapid Detailer all the way up to their Waxes. Infinity Wax provides products I can use on all vehicles without me having to worry if they’re up to the job.

7AutoCare Detailing

Phil Severn


Battle of the Quick Detailers Winner!

With so many different products available selecting the best one for your needs can be a confusing decision. Jon at Forensic Detailing has made this a little simpler! Using a detailed scoring system we take a look at these 5 top Quick Detailers, with Rapid Detailer hitting top spot with its well balanced performance.

Primo wax hits full production in 200ml!

Since the launch of the first 50ml Primo waxes in late 2018 the reception this wax has received has been nothing short of phenomenal. Now we are super excited to announce that Primo is now in production and on sale in the UK. Read More

Turbo6 - Finishing Made Easy

Here at Infinity Wax we are known for thinking outside of the box. Turbo6 is another excellent example of what can be achieved, as Trade manager Mark Jones explains in our Youtube launch video

Safety Zone

Safety is crucial when working with concentrated professional chemicals. Should you require MSDS information on our products you can download them here.

Download MSDS