At Autobella Detailing & Products, we are proud to offer Gyeon ceramic coatings for professional installation as we are the only Gyeon Certified Detailer in the South Jersey area.

Gyeon offers a suite of products that can perfect and protect every square inch of your vehicle. They strive to create and manufacture exceptional products wrapped in exceptional packaging and backed with exceptional marketing, technical support, distribution and warranties. Gyeon is also an ISO certified manufacturer and present in over 90 countries.

Gyeon’s professional only coatings, Q² MOHS+ and Q² DURAFLEX, are nano-technology created from silicon dioxide that chemically adhere to surfaces of your vehicle. The benefits are years of protection due to their extreme chemical resistance and UV protection, jaw-dropping levels of gloss, and easy maintenance. Gyeon offers an industry leading lifetime warranty on these paint coatings if properly maintained.

Both Q² MOHS+ and Q² DURAFLEX include pure silazane Q² Base coating, the hardest automotive coating ever developed. 

SHRINKAGE As opposed to the majority of coatings present on the market, Q² MOHS+ and Q² DURAFLEX demonstrate the lowest shrinkability parameters. Whereas most coatings shrink from 0.2 up to 0.03 microns, the shrinkability of Gyeon’s coatings do not exceed the level of 5%, while its thickness - 0.2 microns as registered just after application, drops to 0.19 when fully dried. Traditional protective products such as wax or polymers do not display any measurable thickness whatsoever.

SELF-CLEANING ABILITY ensures the impeccable appearance of a vehicle between consecutive washes, as it drains most pollutants in a very simple way. Hence, the maintenance of a vehicle becomes completely trouble-free and most contaminants may be removed by pressure washing.

DURABILITY is one of most salient merits of Q² MOHS+ and Q² DuraFlex. They are able to maintain their original hydrophobic properties and to last on the paint throughout the lifetime of ownership with proper maintenance, thus being a guarantor of optimum car protection against environmental factors and exploitation conditions. If juxtaposed with waxes, even the top-performing ones, it lasts infinetly longer.