Synergy Ceramic Coating

Synergy Ceramic Coating

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Coating Specification:

Synergy 1 year coating is an inorganic nano-resin ceramic coating. Capable of withstanding a wide range of PH detergents from 2-12, temperatures up to 1112 Fahrenheit with additional wear resistance to the coated surface. Synergy also displays strong oleophobic properties. A single layer of Synergy will provide 1+ years of protection with a coating thickness of 0.2-0.5 μm per application. Synergy can be layered within the first hour of application only. Synergy has been designed specifically for use in Northern Hemisphere climates with relative humidity from 40-80%. Synergy covalently bonds to the vehicle panels and uses an advanced Sol-Gel hydrolysis reaction which allows the product to solidify quicker and harder without force curing making it ideal for DIY installation. Primary curing is within 1 hour, fully cured in 8-72 hours. An additional reactive polymerisation within the product allows for safe storage outdoors and protects from harsh elements whilst also providing an instant hydrophobic layer allowing the cross-linking to complete over a period of 8-72 hours without negative environmental impacts, this is almost a safety net which gives a near guarantee on product adhesion even at DIY level. Synergy has passed ISO 17132 T-bend testing (22°) and ISO 2409 cross cut (single blade) with class 0 results.

Safety Precautions

Ceramic coatings contain powerful solvents that can cause irritation to airways, eyes, drowsiness, headaches, and fatigue. Skin irritation is also possible in direct contact with the coating fluid. 

Always wear gloves and a suitable respirator mask with chemical vapor filters. We recommend the 3M 6900 full face mask for maximum protection, particularly for commercial use. If any irritation occurs please consult the MSDS for this product or seek medical advice immediately.

Storage and handling

Always store the coating inside its airtight tube, once opened and used you can store for 2-6 months. We recommend wiping the bottle threads with a cloth to remove residue and tightly replacing the cap to reduce nitrogen build up inside the bottle. Replace back inside its airtight tube and store out of direct sunlight and fluctuating temperatures. 

Application instructions

1. Preparation, we recommend full decontamination and also an abrasive by way of machine polishing to remove as many defects (aka swirls and scratches) as possible. This will not only remove previous waxes or sealants from the paintwork but also remove or reduce paintwork defects and maximize the look of a coated vehicle. In an ideal world, you should always seek to remove as many paint defects prior to coating.  

2. Remove polish residue, we recommend an alcohol-based panel wipe like isopropanol. 

3. Using your applicator choice, start by turning the bottle upside down and applying a few drops to the application pad surface in a straight line. Around 15-20 drops will be perfect the first time the applicator is used. Apply coating to the vehicle surface in a crosshatch fashion, another option on larger panels is to make a plus formation with coating on the surface. This creates 4 smaller work areas, then work each area left to right then up and down to create an even layer. Apply to only one panel at a time and remove the residue within a maximum of 5 minutes. 

4. Remove coating using our blue short pile cloth or similar. Remove in straight lines taking care not to miss any areas. Missed areas, if not rectified will harden and could need machine polishing to remove at a later date. After use, this towel should not be used again! 

5. Finishing the coating application is done by using our plush yellow final wipe down towel or similar, always ensure your towels are brand new and clean prior to use. Wipe over all panels which have been coated, this will remove and residual light residue from the coating and provide a crisp finish. After use, this towel should not be used again!