Scholl Concepts S20 BLACK - 16 oz.

Scholl Concepts S20 BLACK - 16 oz.

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After over 2 years in development, the revolutionary S20 Black compound truly delivers on the promise Scholl Concepts has been verbalizing since we first heard rumors of S20 Black a few years ago!  All of our experiences to date have been very good cut, very high gloss, AND nearly zero dust using a variety of Scholl Concepts spider pads, and best of all.... no haze on soft paints due to the latest developments in Scholl Concepts iPT diminishing abrasive technology!

My first experience with S20 Black truly caught me a bit by surprise!  Albeit I was testing on metallic paint I was still blown away with what was produced in a single cycle of S20 Black via the blue spider pad.  After multiple panel wipes I confirmed it had indeed completely removed the swirls in the area and finished out to an incredible gloss.  Next up would be a car with flat black paint, which I had tested on previously and knew to be a paint of the "soft" variety.  Again S20 showed itself to finish down to a level that thoroughly impressed me.   


  • Finishes to an incredibly gloss even on soft paints
  • Removes p2000-1500 grit defects
  • Saves time and steps
  • Won't stick to paint even on hot surfaces
  • No dusting
  • Intelligent Powder Technology (iPT)
  • Free of wax, silicone, and toxic solvents
  • Body Shop Safe - Silicone and wax free


  • Made in Germany
  • 500 g
  • Color: Purple
  • Cut: 5.5/8
  • Gloss: 7.5/8


  1. For best results use Scholl Concepts white Spider Pad or Navy blue Spider pad.  
  2. After spreading across 2-2.5 Ft area on low speed, work at speed 4-5 applying moderate pressure through the first half of the cycle.
  3. Next use progressively lighter pressure until finished down.  Machine speed varies based on machine and paint.
  4. Once completed, buff off the faint residue using our Yellow Fellow microfiber towel.
  5. Clean pad
  6. Use only 3-5 pea size drops for each additional section (depending on pad size), repeating steps 2-5 after each section.

Pad recommendations: Will work well with a variety of pads BUT it is such an incredible Duo when paired with the Scholl Concepts Spider pads I would rarely venture to another combo with the Navy Blue Spider pad S20 Black cuts through swirls easily and finishes haze free consistently.  Utilizing the White Spider pads or the HP Spider pads S20 cuts extremely well and finishes down with little to no marring.  With the Honey Neo Spider Pad light swirls are easily removed and gloss is incredible.