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Premium Microfibre Plush Wash Pad

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Taking the same fantastic quality Korean Microfibre from our popular wash mitts we have now had these wash pads produced for people who prefer to wash with a pad instead of a mitt
Premium Korean Microfibre coupled with high quality, durable inner foam make this the perfect choice for enthusiats or professionals

100% Scratch and swirl free wash mitt. Effortlessly glides over the paintwork, pulling any dirt or grime up into the microfibre strands.
The superior durability of this pad allows it to hold up to rigorous use.
This Wash pad is unlike others offering 80/20 re-washable microfiber that delivers the same level of softness even after numerous washes
The chubby spun strands hold a high volume of wash solution
Size 24cm x 16cm
As a tip, place the pad in your wash bucket when filling with shampoo and add a dash to the pad itself to give you a 'suds' boost