McKee’s 37 Leather Guard UV50

McKee’s 37 Leather Guard UV50

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The twice a year leather protectant!

The average household has two vehicles: one that is kept up very well, and the other not so well. I developed McKee's 37 Leather Guard UV50 for the latter; the vehicle that doesn't get the attention it should. It's okay if you don't give the family vehicle as much attention as your car. It is, after all, used to transport kids, groceries, and pets! McKee's 37 Leather Guard UV50 will earn its keep on your shelf full of 'the good stuff' once you've seen just how well it resists the abuse a daily driver is exposed to from day-to-day use. You're going to love it.

Benefits of McKee's 37 Leather Guard UV50:


  • High-Tech sealant for leather surfaces
  • Prevents dye-transfer on lighter colored leather
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Resists wear and tear caused by abrasion (getting in and out of vehicle)
  • Best defense against sun screen
  • Protects delicate leather stitching
  • Hyper-Concentrated ' one bottle, applied twice a year, will last over 10 years
  • Can be applied to vinyl and rubber surfaces as well!



    McKee's 37 Leather Guard UV50 is not a leather conditioner ' it's a high-tech coating that not only outlasts a traditional leather conditioner or protectant, it provides superior protection as well. Leather Guard UV50 blankets leather upholstery with a crystal clear, durable shell of protection that protects against dye transfer from blue jeans, abrasion, food spills, suntan lotion, grease, and oily grime. Dirty leather will wipe clean using a dampened microfiber towel.

    Leather upholstery is the single most expensive option in most new vehicles. What costs you thousands of dollars is often neglected during ownership of the vehicle.Applying McKee's 37 Leather Guard UV50 twice a year is a low-cost investment to keep your vehicle's leather upholstery looking and feeling new for the life of the vehicle.


    1. Clean leather using McKee's 37 Leather Shampoo 70/30 or McKee's 37 Total Interior Cleaner
    2. Spray Leather Guard directly onto a foam applicator pad.
    3. Work Leather Guard into the surface using a circular, overlapping motion.
    4. Apply more as needed.
    5. Wait 1 minute, then gently buff using a clean, dry microfiber towel.
    6. Apply 2 coats to high traffic areas, like armrests.