Core Wax 30ml
Core Wax 30ml
Core Wax 30ml

Core Wax 30ml

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Core Wax 30ml, Is a luxury grade carnauba wax with added gloss enhancing montan wax. Its characterised by its creamy soft consistency and beautiful  fragrance. Like all Infinity waxes its very easy to apply and remove with stunning beading and sheeting properties. Core is our entry level wax, yet still out performs many other waxes 3x the price! 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Designed, Manufactured and dispatched direct from the infinity wax factory in Scotland.

Application: Core is a soft wax in its brushed aluminium container, when you come into contact with it you feel an instant “oil up” effect allowing you to load your applicator pad easily. This if carried forward onto the body panel with an unbelievable spread, a tiny amount goes a very long way. Despite its soft texture it is near impossible to over apply Core.

Cure Time: Remove Core when you begin to see it haze up, however it can be removed from 3 mins we do recommend removing the wax within 20mins and leaving for at least 5 mins. 

Removal: Core removes extremely well, you will be surprised at the lack of smearing and drag from an entry level wax this by far punches well above its price bracket.

Water Behaviour: Like all infinity waxes beading and sheeting do not disappoint! Core wax will leave your vehicle noticeably dry after driving in the rain, beading will roll off the vehicle and when washed the water will quickly sheet off helping the wash process and preventing dirt sticking as much as it normally would. 

Durability: Core wax despite its ease of use delivers a fantastic durability of up to 3 months per coat, apply 2 layers within 1-3 hours of each other for even more protection and longevity. A great all rounder and excellent in winter.